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Mountaineering Scholarships

For the most motivated mountaineers

Learn how to take part in an 8-day mountain camp for free

What is a scholarship?

A scholarship is a financial aid that covers or supports the education of a student. The Mountaineering Scholarship of the Mountaineering Foundation covers all or half of the fee for participation in summer camps and is made especially for the most motivated mountaineers.

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Expect updated information
for summer 2022 soon!

What should I do?

  • Show that you are a regular student between the ages of 12 and 17

  • Feel free to fill out the questionnaire on our website on the camp page. Be as candid and detailed as possible, as it is decisive for the application.

  • You declare a monthly income of less than BGN 500 per family member. This is done with an official income statement (last 6 months) of the parents and a completed application from one of the two parents. You will receive the application by e-mail specified by you after filling in this form.

Who provides the scholarships?

The scholarships are provided by sponsors and partners of the PlaMnina Foundation


We are open to discuss sponsorship packages with you and agree
for a donation other than those mentioned above and the conditions attached thereto.


We remain available for questions and comments.
We hope we have inspired you to work together and


Contact persons:  

Elena Tatarova: +359 885 313 555;
Marin-Asen Kodzhaivanov: +359 886 110 725;

Address: 21 Georgi Parcalev Str., Sofia, 1415

Social media:
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