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Help us create unforgettable experiences for all children.

Explore sponsorship opportunities

How can you help us?

According to our mission, we strive to provide access to summer camps and training for students, regardless of the capabilities of their parents and environment. For this reason, we rely entirely on sponsorships and donations from people who share our goals and believe in our cause.

We would be extremely happy and grateful if you help us to expand the mountaineering horizons of the children in Bulgaria and to inspire them with the love and respect for the native nature that we feel.


Sponsorship packages

Rhodope package

/ 160lv /

Pirin package

/ 420 BGN /

Sponsor service

Rila package

/ 500 + BGN /




Advertising package in line with the company's social responsibility strategy

Volunteering of the PlaMnina team in the company's campaigns.

Organizing experiences for the children of the company's employees.

Organizing experiences for children and parents working in the company

How will your sponsorship help us?

It will help us cover the costs of participants who will make their first steps in the mountains through our camps. With your help, we will reach more children and provide exciting training and hiking, as well as the opportunity to be in the mountains with other people their age.


In the long run, your sponsorship will also help us create a community of young mountaineers who love and respect nature and actively lead a healthy lifestyle.

Costs per participant / camp (~ 510 BGN)


More sponsorship opportunities

Any help and donations would help us in our work to create unforgettable adventures. That is why you could support us with the implementation of one of the two lists below. The creative list meets the conditions of the Pirin Package, and the one for the survival of the Vitosha Package.

To conduct creative workshops we need:

  • colored cardboard and paper

  • pencils for drawing and coloring

  • markers, felt-tip pens, fine pens

  • watercolor and tempera paints

  • universal glues, adhesive tapes and stickers

  • color printing services


For conducting our morning yoga, survival training, camping we need:

  • double tents (x2)

  • sleeping bags (x4)

  • blankets (x10)

  • headlamps and helmets (x15)

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We are open to discuss sponsorship packages with you and agree
for a donation other than those mentioned above and the conditions attached thereto.


We remain available for questions and comments.
We hope we have inspired you to work together and


Contact persons:  

Elena Tatarova: +359 885 313 555;
Marin-Asen Kodzhaivanov: +359 886 110 725;

Address: 21 Georgi Parcalev Str., Sofia, 1415

Social media:
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  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
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