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Our mission is to create summer camps and training in nature for students, regardless of their parents' financial ability and social standing. Through these adventures, students have the opportunity to learn and develop through shared experiences, new friendships and working with inspirational and competent trainers.



In our wildest dreams for the future, we envision that every student would love and cherish nature and its gifts and lead an active lifestyle. The best way to fulfil this vision is to understand and appreciate ourselves, work well in a team and build our lives in harmony with our surrounding environment.


  • To guide each student towards exploration, discovery and love of nature, others and themselves.

  • To nurture each student’s natural curiosity and desire for knowledge and adventures.

  • To create in each student sense of responsibility towards the environment and attitude for endless learning and self-development.

  • To build together skills for collaboration, communication, empathy and creativity.

  • To create an attitude for perseverance, purposefulness, active and healthy lifestyle.

  • To organize the most meaningful and exciting workshops and experiences with professional trainers.

What are our leading Activities?


Our shared adventures, from summer camps to day trips, provide the best opportunity for exploration of nature, the mountains, teamwork and collaboration, ourselves and our motivation for learning and personal development.​ During our adventures, participants have a long program with diverse activities which are in accordance with the season and weather conditions.

Our activities include: 

  • Navigation in the mountains with a compass and a map

  • Mountain equipment, mountain behaviour and hiking as a group

  • Survival in nature, campsites and campfire

  • Biodiversity: plants, animals and mushrooms

  • Geographical characteristics of nature and the mountains

  • Preserving the environment and national parks

  • Creativity workshops: writing, painting and crafts

  • Mountain hikes

  • Treasure hunts, games, sports and yoga

Do you have the same zeal for the mountain as us and are you connected to our mission? You can support us here
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