who are we?

We are a group of young teachers whose biggest joy and aspiration is to offer unforgettable experiences for the biggest adventurers among us - the children. Through our outdoor adventures every child has the opportunity to improve upon their knowledge and skills, foster new friendships and last but not least, discover their love for the mountains.

Management Team

Elena is the co-founder and executive director of Plamnina Foundation. She is an English teacher in the city of Sofia, a psychologist and an avid mountain hiker. To her learning, curiosity and exploration are the most exciting adventures. She firmly believes that the best way for them to happen is in natural surrounding through shared experiences and meaningful relationships. The mountains are the love of her life where she finds peace, freedom and connectedness.

Elena Tatarova

Executive Director

Marin-Asen is one of the founding members of Plamnina Foundation. He was born in Sliven but grew up in Haskovo. He has graduated from Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” with a Bachelor in History and as of 2018, he works as an English teacher in the town of Samokov.  He enjoys cooking, hiking and planting his own fruits and vegetables. One of his dreams is to plant over 100 trees. He has a deep appreciation for Modern Bulgarian history and nature following in the footsteps of Bulgarian writer Aleko Konstantinov as a nature explorer.

Marin-Asen Kodzhaivanov

Sponsorship coordinator

Katerina Stoyanova

Marketing Coordinator

Katerina is a board member and Marketing Coordinator of Plamnina Foundation. She is currently a senior in AUBG studying Media, Communication and Marketing. In her free time, she enjoys music, theater and dreams of becoming a film director. The mountains give her the peace and calm her soul longs for. During the summer you can find her in the village Davidkovo painting, eating lentil soups or strolling around the forest (often all at once). 


Sofia Stefanova


Yanko Morunov

Georgraphy & Nature

Maria Tatarova

Volunteers Coordinator

Kiril Ivanov

First Aid Expert

Angel Dimitrov

Physics and Astronomy

Kalina Stoimenova

Physics and astronomy

Maria Velazquez


emil enchev

hiking lead

Stanislav popkostadinov

Hiking Lead

Gabriela Pobornikova

Creative Writing

Maria Ivanova


Любомир Димитров


Lyubomir Raykov


Rosa Raykova

Mind Maps

Dimitar Dimitrov



Kristiana Tonova

Violeta Peycheva

Zornitsa Gaydarska