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PlaMnina's first birthday!

Happy birthday, plamninari!

Just a year ago, after a lot of perseverance, work and stuggle, we created Plamnina Foundation. Our mission is to create summer camps and training in nature for students, regardless of their parents' financial ability and social standing, especially those who have never experienced nature's enchantment. In the long run, we aim to foster love for nature and the mountain among younger students and inspire them to have an active and healthy lifestyle. Regardless of the world chaos, for just a year we made that happen more than once.

Vrachanski Balkan Summer Camp took place during 13-20 July. Our home for the camp was located in Ochin Dol village where we spent eight days full of hikes, workshops dedicated to nature, astronomy, geography, survival and first aid, mountaineering, art and many more. About 14 mountaineers and 10 educators joined our camp.

This camping adventure was the beginning to new friendships and the start of a community which for just a week became a united team that learned, evolved and had fun together.

After conducting anonymous surveys before and after the camp, we were happy to find out that Vrachanski Balkan Camp had influenced them in a positive way.

Results: before and after the camp


Our summer adventures continued with our second camp which took place 09-14 August 2020 at Malyovitsa Central Ski School with 10 campers. Malyovitsa Summer Camp was magical not only because of Rila mountain's majesty and beauty, but also because of the unity within the team we managed to create in just a week. We had an amazing time during our outdoor workshops, some of them led by our volunteers. We gazed at the stars at night and took a closer look at some planets in our solar system with a telescope. Finally, we learned how to identify plants and mushrooms in the forest.