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Rila Summer Camp

How did it all begin? During the summer of 2019, we created our first summer camp at the Central Mountain School “Malyovitsa” with a group of 10 students. The activities included training in first aid, mountain orientation with compass and map, mountain equipment, biodiversity, geography, survival and camps, creativity and last but not least - a hike to Malyovitsa peak. Each training was led by inspirational and expert trainers in the respective field.


“An amazing adventure I Am never going to forget. I have been to many other camps but this is the best one. I learned a lot of things that will be very useful in the future. Thanks to all of the awesome teachers for this experience!"

- Kristina, 10th Grade

“It was very fun, I learned a lot of useful stuff that will guide me later in life. I had a wonderful time, as we had a wide variety of activities; I was with great people around me and I met new ones too, and overall, I liked it a lot and I would be happy to part-take in more adventures like this one."

- Victoria, 8th grade 

"The Summer Camp was an unforgettable experience for me. I befriended many awesome people. I acquired new knowledge of nature and the mountains in Bulgaria. I learned not only essential survival skills but also how to overcome different challenges in the mountain. I managed to develop my communication and teamwork skills which are going to come in handy in the future. "

-Maria, 11th grade

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