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LEt's go to the mountains!

Student Camps. One-day Adventures. Workshops.

Plamnina Foundation

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We believe in the inherent curiosity and desire for knowledge of every child. Our mission is to provide authentic and unforgettable experiences for all adventure seekers. 


Summer camps


Training and workshops


Hikes and adventures


Day trips


Our day trips are important for building the habit of hiking weekly and establishing an active lifestyle. This is why our day adventures have a special place in our mission. 

Spirit of the Balkan Camp


Spirit of the Balkan Summer Camp is an 8-day adventure full of hiking, camping, outdoor sports, games, survival and so much more.

Ochin Dol Village

July 24-31, 2021. 

Traditions of rodopi Camp


An 8-day mountain camp that is dedicated to Bulgarian legends, traditions, and crafts. this 8-day adventure includes lots of DIY workshops, hiking, survival, outdoor games, and more!

Svoboda Hut

07-14 August 2021